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Cancel Orders

How Can To Cancel Orders On Jumia, Konga, and AliExpress

In these modern days, people have realized that shopping online is the best way to make shopping because it reduces stress and also gives you time to shop the best. Online...
How to view save password

How to View a Saved Password in Google chrome Browser

At times you may want to login to a particular website using a different browser but unfortunately, we tend to forget our password. Well if you have allowed chrome to save...
popup ads

How to Block Ads on Your Android Phone

In this article, we shall be discussing the different ways we can stop annoying ads on our android phones. I know popups ads can be annoying and frustrating at the same...
WhatsApp Status

How to Save WhatsApp Status Video and Pictures on iPhone

Are you trying to download or save WhatsApp statues on your iPhone device? If yes, then you are not alone. We have different reasons why we want to save someone else Whatsapp...
blogger template

How to Upload a Template on Your Blogger Site

Blogger popularly known as BlogSpot is a publishing site that is owned by Google that provides free blogging tools. Google Blogger platform allows you to make changes to their blog designs...
facebook videos

How to Download Facebook Videos on Your Mobile Phone

sHave you ever wanted to download a video from Facebook and you don’t really don’t know how to go about that? You don’t have to worry because that is not a...

EasyBuy Mobile Platform: How to Buy a Phone on Credit

Do you that you can buy any Smartphone of your choice and pay later, with the EasyBuy mobile platform.  EasyBuy is a mobile financing platform that allows you to pick any...
clear cache

How to clear cache on android phone [Step by Step Guide]

On this page, we shall be looking at the steps involved in clearing a cache on your android devices. To some of you that don’t understand what a cache is. A...
window 7

How to Hide and Unhide Desktop Icons on Window 7

Windows has given us the simplicity of its user interface and they are still working more on it on how it can be simple and easy for its users. We have...

Gotv self Service: How to Clear E48-32, E016, E17 and E32 Error Code

E16 and E32 are the most common issues we face on our Gotv platform which may be a result of expired subscription. But this error also appears on an active subscription...

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