Nigeria’s Top 10 dating sites and apps to find true love


Most Nigerian men and women now look for love on a dating site and dating apps too. Online dating website and apps have become popular recently, giving room for the opposite sex to meet each other.

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I this article, you will find out about the best trending dating apps and sites in Nigeria.

However, please take note of people you might come across any of the apps, there are many scammers on these platforms looking for whom to devour. So please as you find love is also your duty to take safety precaution. Finally, on this, you should take maximum caution when exchanging personal information. (Please and please no involved yourself for anything way go demand money I take God beg you Thank you!)


Tinder is considered one of the best dating sites in Nigeria and across the globe. Tinder matches you with potential individuals who are very close to you. If you meet an individual you are attracted to, there is an option that allows you to swipe right and if the other person also does the same, then it is a match you guys can now begin to talk with each other. But if you swipe left the reverse is the case.

Tinder is available in-app and web as well. Note this platform is not totally free.

Naija Planet

I have used this platform and, most say, is a very reliable dating site for Nigerians who want to find love online.

This website is 100% free to use, all you have to do is to register with your basic details and then search and communicate with anyone you find interesting to you.

Some of the features include instant messaging, video gallery, chatrooms, message boards, and so on. Naija Planet matches you with any partner you want according to your age, sex or location.

Naija Planet is currently available on the web.


This is another top dating app dominating the online dating industry here in Nigeria. Although this app is not only limited to Nigerians alone but the world at large.

This app gives you the will to select or match people according to your location, age and gender. This apps allows its users to rate each other with their photos or chats.

The Badoo app comes with numerous features that will help you find a better partner. Some of the features include video chatting, verified profiles, nearby people feature and lots more.

Badoo is not totally free, you have to subscribe to enjoy more premium benefit like the 3X popularity boost which allows more people to find you.

You can access the Badoo platform on the web and app as well.

Nigerian Dating

This is another great dating platform that allows singles to meet their destined partners. All you have to do is to register with the necessary information that will be asked by and once that is successfully done you will now enjoy unlimited access to chatrooms, instant messaging, the video gallery and many more interesting features without you paying a dime.


Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. Facebook has also given love to some individual who took advantage.

To find a date on Facebook all you have to do is filter out or search for someone you are crushing on and try your luck if something could come out of it.


eHarmony is another highly recommended dating site/app you should also check for yourself. This app gives you the self-confidence to express yourself to anyone you find on the eHarmony site or app. The eHarmony dating platform comes with an in-built messaging feature that allows you to chat with your partner.


Afro-romance provides one of the online dating platforms to meet singles in Nigeria. This online dating platform is limited to Nigerians only but to other singles men and women worldwide.

To get started with Afroromance allow you need to do is fill in the registration form or use the Facebook or Gmail option found on the front page of the site to log in.

Additionally, the Afro-romance site offers an interracial dating option where you can meet other people of different races and colour.

Meet Nigerians

This is another online dating platform that offers Nigerians singles to meet easy others. The Meet Nigerians dating platform has the option to post and share your image on their site to make it easier for you to meet singles partners who might be interested in you.

This dating website is also available for Nigerians living diaspora to meet or link up with each other. This app isn’t totally free.


Hitme is another great dating app for Nigerian singles to mingle and find true love. The Hitme app matches a single partner from the same region, making it easier for individuals to meet smoothly without stress.

Try the Hitme app today if finding love has failed you over time, you might be lucky to get your dream partner today.


Please as you look for love online please be security conscious, because in most recent times the online dating platform has being the hub of scammers who are looking for who to defraud. Like I said earlier in my post, run away from anyone demanding money from you. And finally, know the person you are dealing with before giving out some of your details- also never give any sensitive information like password etc.



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