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Digital marketing is a way in which organizations reach out to their customers and interact with them. The aim of digital marketing is to get as many as possible to your website and also raising your awareness, what I mean by awareness is getting people to know about your brand and what your brand does.Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is growing day by day as we see a lot of organizations moving from the traditional way of marketing to the digital way of marketing. What I mean by traditional marketing is things like newspaper, tv advertisements, magazines and so on. One of the great things about digital marketing is that you can see how well you are doing and measure your performance with digital marketing you easily see how many people are viewing your content and who they are and how they are engaging with you. This is what digital marketing is all about for beginners who do not have an idea of what digital marketing is all about.  

Unlike the traditional way of marketing that requires an individual to own at least a Diploma or HND cert in a reputable institution. As for digital marketing you do not need any certificate from any university or polytechnic to become a digital marketer, all you need to become a successful digital marketing is to get digital marketing training online or offline but as for this article, we shall only look at the online training.

You can learn digital marketing for free but finding a website that offers a free digital marketing course could be a little bit difficult, especially when searching for a free site that offers a free digital marketing course with a certificate. You don’t have to be worried again, I have made my research and I have found some of the best sites that offer free digital courses.


FutureLearn has a variety of content for learners who are willing to learn different courses of their choice with digital marketing not left out. With FutueLearn you explore your skills in digital marketing without paying a penny to learn.

FuturnLearn has a wide range of digital marketing related topics and other courses with experienced tutors to learn from. Learning digital marketing from this site is fun with no cost at all. So, to get started with your digital marketing course on FutureLearn visit this link to get started.

HubSpot Academy

This is another great website for learning digital marketing. HubSpot is a marketing company which is based in the United State of America that provides all kinds of marketing content like content management, training on marketing, software training and any other things you think a marketing company should have.

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HubSpot Academy is an online marketing training academy that offers completely free and certifications courses of which digital marketing is also included.

Unlike other websites and platforms that only have article content, HubSpot Academy offers you lecture videos, transcripts and lecture slides from experienced digital marketers like the likes of well-known HubSpot employees as Lindsay Thibeault and Justin Champion with prominent marketing influencers such as Sujan Patel will be present in the digital marketing training session.

These will be some of the things you will be learning, how to improve your website performance, the best SEO strategy that will fit your business, how to create quality blog content, CPC (Cost Per Click) and many more.

Once the course is completed, you will be given an hour to write the final exam you are expected to get more than 75% mark to gain a recognized digital marketing certificate.

Google Digital Garage

Google digital garage is an online digital training course that offers a free digital marketing certification run and organized by google. Since this program is run by google you should know that no digital marketing person or organization can teach better than those who practically do most of the digital marketing themselves.

To get started, all you have to do is register with your Gmail account and enrol for the digital marketing course. The digital marketing course consists of 26 modules with about 40 hours of study which together form your google marketing program.

Some of the things you will learn on Google Digital Garage include Fundamentals of digital marketing, Google ads & Analytics, Social media, etc.

Once all the 26 modules courses are completed and all tests are passed, you will be awarded a Google-endorsed Digital marketing certificate.


Alison is an online learning platform for individuals who want to learn any course of their choice for free. Alison has over 300 courses of which digital marketing is included, all you have to do is to search for Digital Marketing on the Alison search bar and follow the course modules to earn a digital marketing certificate. Although a certificate on Alison is not free you will have to purchase from them after completing and passing your digital marketing test.

Note, Alison do not award a free certificate after completion of a course you will have to purchase from them after completing the digital marketing course. The digital certificate just cost €15.00


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